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Effective communication is crucial when you visit the dentist, doctor, or other healthcare provider and is even more critical when you enter the hospital. The Hearing Loss Association of America offers a valuable guide to help you prepare before your next healthcare visit. 

Guide for Effective Communication in Healthcare

Additional Resources

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Four websites that have up-to-date information regarding hearing loss:

National HLAA website:

The Florida Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (the Governor appoints two HLAA-FL members to the
Council by statute):

The HLAA-Florida State Association:

The Center for Hearing & Communication (CHC):

Hearing Loops


Assistive Listening Device Locator:

Hearing Aid Financial Assistance for Florida Residents

Alexander Graham Bell

Audient Program

Hear Now


Lions Club International


Association of Late-Deafened Adults

Center for Hearing and Communication

Children’s Hearing Help Fund

Florida Associations of the Deaf, Inc.

Sertoma Club of Venice, Inc.

Hearing Aid Financial Assistance for Children

Alexander Graham Bell


Miracle Ear Children’s Foundation


Assisted Listening Devices

Life with Ease

What are Hearing Loop Systems?

Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Association of America

Cochlear Implants

Hearing Loss Association of America

Advanced Bionics



Auditory Training

Read My Quips (Free trial)

LACE ($79)

Brain HQ (HQ and not IQ)

Other Helpful Links

Hearing Loss Association of Florida

Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

Rehab Centers Accessible to People with Hearing Loss

Resources and Help (by Phonak)

Addiction Treatment for Deaf and/or Blind Individuals

How AI Is Helping Those with Hearing Loss