During our September meeting, Advanced Bionic representative, Karalee Kowar, discussed ‘”Change Your Life! Improved Hearing with a Cochlear Implant”. Karalee has provided cochlear implant education and auditory-based therapy to children and adults with hearing loss for many years, and covered the advances in cochlear implant hearing devices. There was an active interest in CI’s as evidenced by the questions of interested attendees.
Our October meeting was an introduction to InnoCaption+ by two of their representatives, Matt Goncalves and Cristina Duarte. The new “+” is now more user-friendly, allowing you to use your cell number versus an assigned number. They use live CART stenographers to cover the other side of your conversation on iPhone or Android mobile phones. Most everyone with a cell phone downloaded the app and registered. Many stayed after to work with Matt and Cristina to get it working correctly.