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Hearing Aid Financial Assistance for Florida Residents

Alexander Graham Bell 202-337-5221
Audient Program 888-283-4368
Hear Now 800-328-8602
Kiwanis 1-800-549-2647
Lions Club International 630-571-5466 X615
Sertoma 816-333-8300
Starkey Hearing Foundation 800-382-8602

Hearing Aid Financial Assistance for Children

Alexander Graham Bell 202-337-5221
Disabled Children’s Relief Fund 516-377-1605
Sertoma 816-333-8300
Miracle Ear Children’s Foundation 800-234-5422

Free Telephones for Florida Residents

Contact Diane Vessels at CCDHH 941-488-5709
Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc 800-222-3448

Information – Education – Advocacy – Support

Hearing Loss Association of America
Learn about Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss Simulator – Provides demonstrations of mild/ moderate hearing loss
FCCDHH Knowledge Center
Deaf Services (FCCDHH)

Assisted Listening Devices

Advocates for Better Hearing 4221 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota Opportunity to see, touch and try wide range of devices. 941-922-1242
 Bell South Hearing Impaired Help
Life with Ease
What are Hearing Loop Systems?
Pure Direct Sound Looping Systems

Donate Used Hearing Aids – Help The Needy. Get Tax Deduction

Ear Research Foundation(at Silverstein Institute)      941-366-9222

Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Association of America
Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Loss (free with new HLAS memberships)

Cochlear Implants

Hearing Loss Association of America
Advanced Bionics

Auditory Training

Read My Quips (Free trial)
LACE ($79)
Brain IQ

Other Helpful Links

Hearing Loss Association of Florida
Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Information
CART Services (AmeriCaption, Inc.)
Resources and Help (by Phonak)


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