HLAA-Sarasota Board of Trustee Job Description

As a Board of Trustee member, I pledge to work with other Board members to oversee and execute the MISSION of the Hearing Loss Association of America –Sarasota Chapter, which is to:

  1. Help enable people with hearing loss and their families in Sarasota, Manatee and nearby counties to meet the challenge of hearing loss and to participate in the mainstream of an enlightened society through information, education, advocacy and support.
  2. Help raise and manage the funds needed to support the above objectives
  3. Achieve the above goals subject to the HLAA-Sarasota Bylaws.

I also recognize that my individual responsibilities on an annual basis are to: 1. Attend and participate in at least 3 of the 4 annual Board meetings and participate in the annual board retreat.

The dates of the board meetings and the retreat to be announced by the President with advanced notice.

2. Serve on at least one operational and one event committee.

3. Attend and participate in HLAA-Sarasota regular chapter meetings.

4. Make a financial contribution to HLAA-Sarasota each calendar year.

Please note that this annual contribution can be a very modest amount, as our only goal is to be able to confirm to grant providers that 100% of our board has financially contributed, which is usually a key condition for any grant to be approved.

5. I also agree to remain a member in good standing of both the HLAA-Sarasota chapter and the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA).

I understand my annual evaluation by the HLAA-Sarasota Board of Trustee’s Executive Committee will be based on their assessment of my performance in meeting the above responsibilities.

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