U.S. Senate Bill 555

HLAS Members and Friends:The Evening Hearing Group was motivated by the discussion of U.S. Senate Bill 555 (S555) Tuesday night and asked that this “Listen Up” preview be sent out with information on how to write our Senators.Listen Up editor and lawyer, Richard Williams, advised that Capital Hill sources state that the Bill has only a 5% chance of […]

Evening Group to meet June 6, 2013

Dear Members and Friends-The Evening Group, which convenes quarterly, will be meeting this coming Tuesday, at 6 pm with Chapter Leaders discussing the “Top 10 Reasons Sarasota is Becoming America’s Most Hearing Friendly City.”  Join us to discuss this and join the always interesting Rap Session and networking over complimentary refreshments, including wine.  The session is at […]

New Executive Director

May 20, 2013
Diana Bender, Ph.D.
President, Board of Trustees

Anna Gilmore Hall Named by Hearing Loss Association of America
to Succeed Brenda Battat as Executive Director

BETHESDA, MD: The Board of Trustees of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is pleased to welcome Anna Gilmore Hall as the next executive director. Anna will be officially introduced to […]